December 8, 2014 adidas Y-3 is now available at The Good Will Out


We are proud to announce the addition of adidas Y-3 to our brand portfolio.

The Y stands for Yohji Yamamoto. The 3 represents adidas’ three signature stripes and the – signifies the bond between the two.

“Y-3 has been born from the fusion of the seeming opposites of sport and style. Togehter with adidas we worked on forming something that didn’t exist and that completely projects the future.” Yohji Yamamoto


October 25, 2014 adidas Originals ZX 8000 Alpha, Bravo, Charlie Fall Of The Wall Pack infos and photos


Deutschland war von August 1961 bis November 1989 entlang politischer Linien getrennt und ideologisch in die freie Marktwirtschaft des Westens und den Sozialismus des Ostens geteilt. Die Mauer trennte Ost-und Westberlin und riss die Nation entzwei.

Die Berliner Mauer wurde 1989, nach monatelangen Unruhen und politischen Veränderungen im Ostblock, gestürzt.

Das Ereignis „der Mauerfall” ging in die Geschichtsbücher ein und die Deutschen waren endlich wiedervereint.

25 Jahre sind seither vergangen. Dieses Jubiläum fällt zusammen mit dem 25-jährigen Bestehen des kultigen ZX 8000.

Anlässlich dieser beiden Jahrestage präsentiert adidas Originals das Fall of the Wall Sneaker Pack .

Alpha, Bravo und Charlie – die drei berühmten Militär-Checkpoints waren die Inspiration für dieses Pack. Die Schuhe repräsentieren die Geschichte des Mauerfalls aus der besonderen Perspektive der Checkpoints.

Als Zeichen des achtungsvollen Respekts vor dem Ereignis des Mauerfalls hat adidas Originals die Sneaker in der letzten verbleibenden adidas Sneaker-Fabrik Deutschlands produziert: Made in Germany!

Dropping November 08, 2014

October 24, 2014 adidas presents Quote’s Archive infos and photos


Quote’s Archive brings together two dedicated adidas collectors and marries an in-depth knowledge and passion for classic adidas footwear with highly distinctive illustration.

Freelance illustrator Peter O’Toole and renowned adidas collector Quote first became aware of each other circa 2005 on the Crooked Tongues forum, where information was traded between some of the world’s most knowledgeable footwear fanatics. In January 2011 O’Toole brought his two passions together with his ‘City Series’ prints, illustrating almost 200 vintage adidas trainers over two posters and capturing Quote’s imagination in the process. The third poster became O’Toole and Quote’s first collaboration, an illustration of 98 pairs selected by Quote from his own collection. It wasn’t long before adidas invited the pair to develop the project further, into a limited edition book.

Selecting 50 shoes from the original print, O’Toole and Quote worked together across Berlin and the UK without meeting each other in person until after the project was complete. Whilst O’Toole developed his illustrations, Quote wrote about each shoe, pulling together history and facts about design and materials with personal anecdotes and associations, providing a window into his journey as a collector.

As the book project drew to a close, Quote and O’Toole were rewarded with a dream-come-true moment, a visit to the adidas archive in Herzogenaurach and the opportunity to design a shoe to accompany the book.

The ZX 420 was an easy choice of model for both O’Toole and Quote. Using the adidas ‘Denver’ as inspiration for the vintage feel colourway, the Quotoole is a fitting representation of the work and passion of both collaborators.

Quote Biog

Quote is a sign-maker and legendary adidas collector based in Berlin. Born East of the wall just a couple of years before it fell, his love affair with the 3-Stripes brand began with a vintage find in a thrift store. Quote has now been collecting for 15 years and is as well known in sneaker circles for his enviable sneaker wall as he is for his specialist knowledge of adidas running shoes of the ’70s and ’80s. adidas Originals first recognised Quote’s dedication to the brand in 2011 when they asked him to collaborate on the ‘Your Story’ Consortium project. His contribution took inspiration from Berlin’s Olympic Stadium and the colours of his beloved football team, and breathed new life into one of adidas Originals most classic ’80s running shoes; the zx500. He has since been a constant source of information to adidas’s Archive team and has now come together with Originals once more for his most ambitious project to date.

Peter O’Toole Biog

Peter O’Toole is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Huddersfield in the North of England. Having gained a degree in Graphic Media Communication, he went on to launch his own business, ‘Peter O’Toole Illustration’, in 2010. An avid collector of adidas training shoes, O’Toole started collecting when he was just 17 years old. His love of the brand was sparked when he first got his hands on a pair of re-issued ‘Oslo’ trainers and a desire to collect all of adidas’s storied ‘City Series’ followed. O’Toole works mainly digitally to create his distinctive illustrative and often retro style, his passion for British style culture often shining through in his work.

Quote’s Archive - The Book

Quote’s Archive is a celebration of 50 selected pairs of vintage adidas shoes from a period spanning the late ’70s to the early ’90s. Each trainer forms part of legendary adidas collector Quote’s own archive and has been beautifully illustrated by Peter O’Toole.

Each page highlights a different model, and is packed with information about the history and make-up of the shoes as well as personal anecdotes, all written by Quote himself. Highly readable and beautiful to look at, Quote’s voice and personality breathe life into the text, whilst O’Toole’s illustrations brilliantly represent the individual character of the shoes. Drawings of original shoe labels and boxes add contextual detail and paint a highly personalised picture of a very exciting period in sports footwear history.

A collector’s object in itself, the book has been designed and laid out by Adam Gill and features a matt finish, laser etched title cover and fabric binding. A must for collectors, fans of illustration and followers of the 3-Stripes brand, Quote’s Archive will doubtless serve as reference and inspiration to future collectors, designers and illustrators the world over.

ZX 420 Quotoole

In conjunction with the Quote’s Archive project, adidas sneaker collector Quote and UK illustrator Peter O’Toole were given the opportunity to makeover an archive shoe, both being enticed by the zx420 for different reasons. Collaborating entirely online, the pair did not meet until the final sample was produced, but the long-distance design process seems to have paid off.

With numerous panels to play with, the zx420 offered numerous opportunities to experiment with colours and tones, but in the end their inspiration was taken from a particular pair of vintage adidas Denver from Quote’s collection. A high quality pale blue soft suede overlay sits on iconic mesh in darker shades of blue, whilst red colour blocking on the midsole and along the 3-Stripes add a pop of colour. Purple and magenta feature on the tongue and ankle padding respectively, and a subtly vintage cream midsole give the shoe a classic ’80s runner feel.

Each designer’s imprint is present, with their faces featured on the ‘Endorsed by’ fabric label under the tongue, and a motif sock-liner design, utilising Quote’s fist logo and O’Toole’s typographic namesake.

Dropping November 15, 2014

If you want to experience Quote’s adidas collection, please visit the exhibition “Quote’s Archive – 3 Stripes 15 Years” at Sneakermuseum, Cologne

October 23, 2014 New Balance x Limited Edt M577 LEV Vault Made In England infos and photos

New Balance x Limited Edt official pic 1_Blog

Following our first two New Balance collaboration sneakers in 2008 and 2010, We are proud to present the next and final chapter of our made in England 577 series – The Limited Edt Queensway M577LEV. It is the grand finale to a trilogy that has spanned over 6 years. The first started with design inspiration from our original “Vault” concept store at Singapore’s busy Orchard Road shopping district, the next one was based on our Chamber concept store at Marina Bay Sands. To end the project, we have taken things back to our roots and have gone full circle by returning to our Queensway Shopping Centre boutique, a location that is known as the go-to place for sporting goods in Singapore and where we first set up shop.

Like our previous editions, the Limited Edt Vault M577LEV is made in New Balance’s legendary Flimby factory, located in Cumbria, England, where craftsmanship and quality takes precedence. The shoe features only the finest premium materials. The upper contains a mix of nubuck leathers and 3M reflective panels. The bold mix of royal blue and flash orange colour is from Limited Edt Queensway’s interior decor and sports-inspired logo.

Dropping October 25, 2014

October 23, 2014 Le Coq Sportif x limitEDitions Eclat Rose Exd 10th Anniversary infos and photos


The classic Le Coq Sportif Eclat gets an overall pink look, featured on suede upper and with additional details including a green leather heel tab, a rose and the LimiteDEditions logo on each.

Dropping October 25, 2014 / Instore first


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