NSW x Loopwheeler x Hakone Ekiden collection

Amplifying Running

There is no other running event in Japan that can com pare to Hakone Ekiden. This 2 days event, covering 219 Kilometers, considered by many display multiple aspects and beauty of Japanese culture and spirit; Representing individual pride perseverance and identity, allegiance and team spirit.  In 2010, Nike will have 4 teams running in Hakone, competing for their honor in this major event.

Hakone Ekiden was started in 1920 by Shizo Kanaguri (who is now known as the father of the Japanese marathon) with the purpose of nuturing & bringing up runners who could compete in the world stage. The first Ekiden, Tokaido Ekidentohokyoso was held in 1917 between Sanj Ohashi Kyoto and Ueno Shinobazunoike Tokyo, celebrating 50 years after Tokyo became the Japan capital. This race was a big relay race between Kyoto and Tokyo (516km) for three days. Its success has became the original form of Hakone Ekiden. Kanaguri was influenced by the success of the race and persuaded many universities that they should race in the Hakone Ekiden. As a result, Waseda univ., Keio univ., Meiji univ. & Tokyo Koshi replied to his offer and Hakone Ekiden started and became one of the most prominent university Ekiden races of each year.  Hakone Ekiden, which is now officially called the Tokyo-Hakone Round-Trip College Ekiden Race is one of the most competitive and intense university ekiden (relay marathon), held between tokyo and hakone in japan on each year 2nd & 3rd of January. It has 124 years of history and is recognized as the BEST OF THE BEST race in japan with a strong TV viewership and followers. The designs are inspired by Japanese Universities Josai 2004 (J), Komazawa 1967 (K), Toyo 1933 (T) and Waseda 1920 (W).

About Loopwheeler: Handcrafted on vintage loopwheel machines in Japan. Created with only the finest hand-picked cotton. Scrutinizing every stitch. Sweating the details. Melding modern design with old-school construction.

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