Meet the Mutewatch, a new life management tool that takes the idea of time management, simplifies it and wraps it around your wrist. It lets you focus on what you’re doing right now, by keeping track of what you need to do next. Its silent alarm notifies you by sending vibrations through the wristband. So you know when it’s time to sum up, move on, or get going, without having to look at your watch.

The Mutewatch is designed to be simple and intuitive. Just tap the flat surface and the touch screen lights up, then swipe through the functions clock, alarm and timer. You set the time for your alarms by tapping directly on the digits – tap on the top of the digit for a higher number or on the bottom of the digit for a lower one. When you want to erase an alarm, simply pinch the touch screen. The Mutewatch also features a built-in motion sensor that registers your movement and automatically adjusts the strength of the vibrations. So, whether you’re sleeping, on stage giving a presentation or doing your work out, the Mutewatch will keep you updated on your next step.