The second exhibition in Cologne’s Sneakermuseum is dedicated to the shoe collaborations of the Stussy brand with various shoe companies like Nike, Vans, adidas, Keds, BePositive etc.

In early 2000 Stussy started the sneaker collaboration business when they partnered up with Nike to create the Stussy x Nike Dunk High. It marked the first official Nike collaboration with a clothing company. This was at a time when the average sneaker head got excicted about any unusual embroidery on an inline collection model. A joint effort of two majors creating one release simply hasn’t been done before. This also marked the first time that Nike used a special fabric on the swoosh: Ostrich leather. Being released in very limited amounts at Stussy Chapter Stores in New York, London, Tokyo and Los Angeles made it very hard to purchase. More releases and collaboration brands followed nearly every year…and the results never disappointed.

The Sneakermuseum opened its doors on the 28th of October. With the help from Stussy, Gimme5, Nike, SlamJam, Vans, adidas and Säck & Nolde Distribution, Alex and Olli from Cologne’s sneaker store The Good Will Out are holding an extraordinary exhibition and will show sneaker history. The exhibition will be shown until early 2012.