Nike Stadium Berlin now continues what started around one year ago.
After last winters kick off by the crews of LookyLooky, Keinemusik & Beastin, it is now the turn of Düsseldorf’s TOYKIO gang to create their personal edition of the NSW Destroyer.
Selim Valor is the certified mastermind behind Toykio. Along with several of his friends from the international art industry, the collector develops all sorts of exhilarating projects.
The Toykio gallery space serves as a platform to exhibit the results of their collaborative work. With around 15.000 pieces, Selim himself owns the biggest collection of Toys in Europe. It contains pieces by Phil Frost, Shepard Fairey, Kaws, JR, D*Face, Daniel & Geo Fuchs, Frank Kozik, Dennis Mcnett, Buffmonster, Faile, RYCA & Coarse.
A limited number of exclusive Toykio Destroyer posters are ready for pick up in our store Nigh.