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Incorporating the unique cultural interpretations of Western Australia’s black swan and it’s white European relative, Highs and Lows have partnered with Le Coq Sportif to present the Swan pack.

Throughout Western Australia’s history the Black Swan is referred to as a symbol of nobility completely unique to our geography and it’s silhouette has existed as an icon of our state’s identity for centuries. Where the black Swan resides exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere, the white Swan remains unique to the North and is celebrated as a physical encompassment of love and fidelity. Although geographically divided, the black and white swans remain intrinsically linked through their own cultural significance and iconic heritage.

The contrast between these shared natives provides the perfect bedrock for Highs and Lows and Le Coq Sportif to create two unique pieces of footwear and matching apparel representative of their individual cultures.

HAL x LCS R1000 Black Swan & White Swan pack with accompanying reversible spray jacket will be available September 6.

Dropping September 06, 2014