The DMX Run 10 is back, just in time to celebrate its 20th birthday with two exquisitely executed retro releases that are primed to conquer a new decade.

First released in 1997, the DMX Run 10 was a defiantly futuristic vision that epitomised the groundbreaking era of sneaker design into which it was born. Flaunting Reebok’s ‘Moving Air’ technology, the DMX Run 10 was purpose-built for runners who appreciated a rugged ride with serious ankle protection. Such advanced technology meant that the shoe was miles ahead of the competition – to this day the DMX Run 10 still offers a footprint of the future!

Blurring the boundaries of conventional sneaker construction, the midsole sweeps from the forefoot all the way up around the heel, with inlaid textiles, quilted ballistic mesh and reflective accents adding space-age finesse. The looped lacing system and unique tongue design are other defining features that conspire to convey that unmistakable Reebok aesthetic. The most memorable feature of the DMX Run 10 is the cluster of ‘air pods’ embedded throughout touch points on the sole. As the foot strikes the ground, air is compressed and pushed between the different zones, creating kinetic feedback that enhances the impression of stability and cushioning.
Two original DMX colourways are on offer: Choose from white/navy with ‘cherry’ pops and ice-blue soles, or a midnight scheme with gold highlights and gum soles. The shoe that killed the competition has been to hell and back, so it’s bound to satisfy the most discerning DMX Run 10 fan – as well as convert new disciples to the Reebok cause!
The Reebok Classic DMX Run 10 will be released on June 22nd at The Good Will Out.