Diadora and Roberto Baggio, long time partners, recapture the 1994 FIFA World cup vibes with an exclusive Made in Italy apparel collection composed by a track jacket, a sweater and a tee shirt, all embroidery signed by the legendary Italian player. The collection brings to the „street market“ a cool urban slant, materials and fit but also original colors and prints, and anticipate the inline release, with this very limited edition deserved to few of the best sneaker stores.

To complete the pack and linked to the sportswear of the 90’s, constructed at Diadora’s Caerano di San Marco factory the „Espresso ristretto“ Intrepid OG returns on its original colorway featuring „vibrassorb“ inserts and „Impact control“ system adding maximum cushioning effect and a superb support during all foot motions. Premium nylon mesh and soft suede are the main feature of the upper.

The ROBERTO BAGGIO Capsule and Diadora Intrepid OG will be released on July 15th online first at The Good Will Out.

Diadora Intrepid OG – Shop-Link
Roberto Baggio track jacket signature – Shop-Link
Roberto Baggio sweatshirt signature – Shop-Link

Roberto Baggio tee shirt signature – Shop-Link