This season sees the return of the Workout Vintage sneaker – but this time for women.
As has been the case in history, Reebok Classic continues to support bold and authentic choices of today’s culturally engaged, fashion conscious females empowering them to make their own choices and not to be defined by anything or anyone else.
Gilda Ambrosio, fashion designer and creative entrepreneur spearheading the new campaign, joins a like-minded collective of other inspirational creators with Reebok including Ariana


Grande, Victoria Beckham and Gigi Hadid. Ambrosio’s independent and expressive spirit is mirrored through her personal style as well as her work as a designer for her own label Attico, the womenswear line she co-founded with Giorgia Tordini.
As such, Ambrosio is the perfect partner to tell the story of the new, reimagined Women’s Workout Vintage. When first released in 1987, the model overtime has helped define the eras by empowering people to express and become the best version of themselves. The original Reebok workout, a pioneering Fitness model, was built for the diverse sporting needs of the equally diverse people who wore them.
Now the Workout returns with a fresh update for women in 2017. The Workout Vintage’s clean design continues to show how effortlessly stylish and adaptable it really is. The Workout crossed scenes and cultures then and will continue as part of the conversation today, supporting the diverse communities that first put on a pair back in ‘87.

In 2017, Reebok celebrates three decades of empowering expression with the new Reebok Women’s Workout Vintage. Join them in celebrating at The Good Will Out from December 14th!

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