In a new exciting announcement, hummel presents a collaboration with leading French creatives Blackrainbow Agency.

Paying homage to the source of streetwear, hummel and the Parisian creatives at Blackrainbow Agency has come together to launch a one-off collaboration. As a limited-edition drop, this partnership envisions a new interpretation of the Marathona, one of the most classic and history-packed hummel sneakers to date.

“The idea was to go back to the late 80s and the early 90s – back to the source of streetwear, to a graphic look and to a time, when colours were bright and dare-full as opposed to the more cautious palettes of today. It made sense to take an iconic shoe and return to the roots and the meaning of streetwear – but still make it contemporary,” says Blackrainbow co-founder Greg Hervieux.

The result is a surprising and bright sneaker design that features a pop of neon colours. With a focus on reflective and 3D prints, the design features a palette of grey colours juxtaposed by black and a knockout pink. All colours are repeated on the outsole and in the three different lace options, while the shoe box features a stunning reflective design that mimics the sneaker.

Buy the HML x BKRW Marathona here.