BrandShop store was found in 2008 and went long way from a tiny showroom up to the street-wear and sneaker destination door in Moscow, Russia.

Since the very first day all the world’s most significant sneaker brands were up on shelves in there. ASICSTIGER, the famous sneaker brand from Japan, is among the most loved ones through the whole store’s journey. It’s genuine interpretations of classical archives has been always attracting true lovers of cool sneakers while its renown GEL technology can’t leave anyone cold-blooded since it is led by the “kaizen” principle of continuous improvement.

The ASICSTIGER GEL-VICKKA TRS shoe model was chosen to bring the 10th anniversary collab to life. It is the everlasting classic of ASICSTIGER, issued in 80es and haven’t been back in line for quite a while. This release came out in 2 colorways: the whites are inspired by color-palette of Russia; the reds speaks to the glory of Moscow, it’s splendid capital. The colors make it relevant this summer, while all eyes are on Russia in the moment of big sport events.

Diving deep into design and craftmanship of the sneaker, BrandShop team reinterpreted every little detail of it, from eyelets, inspired by flag of Russia to recognizable Russian traditional ornament on sock-liner. There are the GEL-VICKKA as well as the BrandShop brands written in Cyrillic on the sides, which makes it the first time ever Cyrillic symbols appear on an ASICSTIGER product. Sock-liner also holds a special 10 years anniversary logo.

ASICSTIGER GEL-VICKKA TRS shoes will be available at The Good Will Out on May 23rd.